We've seen our share of SEO campaigns. And it is no secret, 95% of campaigns fail. And I can tell you why. It usually boils down to some combination of factors.

Frequently the client just lacks commitment. They are unwilling to really commit both their time and money to the campaign. And more frequently it is time that is lacking. The provider will require regular communication and input. After all, the client is still the industry expert. Another big issue is the 'one keyword campaign.' This is a little anti-intuitive. Most clients assume focusing on one keyword will be easier. The reality is growing your online presence based on just one keyword is almost impossible. A few different keywords that are moving your site along are far more important than swinging wildly at one popular keyword. This relates to the next issue. The long tail keyword is a real thing. Having some success with a broad array of keywords will typically improve chances of sales activity. And making money is always part of the equation. Which brings us to the fee structured. Monthly fixed fee SEO campaigns are dubious. SEO Campaigns are not utilities. You can't just turn on the water spigot. Even if there were a spigot, the same spigot wouldn't work for everyone. SEO campaigns are carefully developed with always evolving market opportunities. If you are expecting to just throw money at SEO and ignore it, you probably won't be successful. A monthly fixed amount will limit you on options. Sad to say, we've had internal meetings where we passed on opportunities because of budget restrictions. Next, the client gets directed by a 3rd party SEO guru - I need to update my image, url, SSL, contact info, testimonials, home image, etc to make my website work. This happens all the time. The more you add random elements and updates for a website, the less time is spent on actual SEO. It is just reality. And lastly, campaigns lack analysis. Not really looking at what is and what is not worth the effort. Sometimes, a low key advertising campaign based on one or two keyword groups is probably a much better option. So to sum up, if you want to succeed, bring your expertise, your time, your money, and your flexibility.

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