Many of you readers may have experience with Google Adwords. You may have endeavored to even start an Adwords campaign on your own which is very alluring. Since with just a little keyword adding, ad pasting, and a Google login, you will have yourself a fully functioning Adwords Campaign. There it is, your ad is appearing to hundreds maybe thousands of visitors a day. You get started and are excited. You check it every day. You update some options. You even find out from a neighborhood kid how to explore keyword matching options. You are doing pretty well, but for some reason it never turns into business. Your attention starts to be come less then enthusiastic. Your inattentiveness morphs into neglect. More often than not, these campaigns fail. It is a story we hear frequently. There are a lot of different reasons why these campaigns fail. We could innumerate all the different technical nuances. But suffice to say, if you were running a multi-market ad campaign across magazines, newspapers, radio, and TV, would you do it yourself? If you shot the ads, developed the script, starred in the commercial, wrote the copy, negotiated placement, and edited the ad, would you expect it to work? No. You would not. That is essentially the reason these campaigns fail. The old adage "easy to play but not easy to master" applies. The Google Adwords system grows more complex and involved every day. The sheer number of hours Einstein's Eyes expert team spends on Adword campaigns insures success. We can illustrate some of the scenarios where we improved existing Adwords Account. DFW technical company that came up empty. This Adwords campaign could not produce enough activity to justify the efforts. They were spending money but getting zero for their effort.

We updated the account, explored new keywords, accelerated ad rotation, and increase the clicks per week from 10 to 60.

Medical Specialist could not get enough visitors.

This Adword account was not even getting attention. People were simply not click on the ads or not finding the ads.

We successfully increased their visitor traffic by 800%.  This increased sales leads by eight fold.

Local E-commerce company that sells nationally was not seeing results.

This account was driving some people to the site and having success. But they were worried about the amount of people and the cost per click.

We were able to cut the cost per visitor in half while at the same time increasing the visitors by three fold.

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