You have just a few moments to make the right impression and entice visitors to spend time on your web site. Learn from some of the worst offenders. Here are our top ten unforgivable mistakes that will cost you in lost business and credibility:

  • Use a complicated, bright or deformed background image. If you absolutely must have a background picture, use an image that is simple with muted colors. Don’t make your site hard to read!
  • Make your navigation complicated. Remember that users are not already committed to your site and will give up easily.
  • Hurt people’s eyes. Watch the contrast between the background and font. You want people to read your words, right?!
  • Use lots of moving animations. You didn’t get people here just to distract them.
  • Include excessive advertisements and banners. See above.
  • Play music. Remember that many users are browsing at work – if your site gets them in trouble, they won’t be back.
  • Use misspelled words and outdated information. This kills your credibility. Sea whatt aye meen?
  • Assume that every visitor uses the same browser you do. Your site could look different depending on which browser is being used. Make sure it looks good in all of them.
  • The endless scroll. Break it up into a new page already!
  • Slowly building pages that come together element by element – like a puzzle. No one wants to wait for your pages to render.

Is your site committing any of these mistakes? We can help.

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