Our experience as a provider of websites for over 14 years has give us a vast amount of experience with website projects and their pitfalls. There is a consistent pattern of success we see in websites that we'll share with you.

  1. Know where you are going. When you have a destination in mind the trip is whole lot easier to navigate. Frequently people don't full know what the reason for a website. This may be because management is not directing well or a project is not full thought out. This is always expensive and messy.  Myth – I must be full prepared and must have all content and images before I begin. This is untrue. A professional firm should be able to set expectation and give you some direction in what you need.
  2. Believe in your market. After you have been in business a few years, you know who your customers are and why they buy. This is almost always the case when a client comes to us. But frequently clients freak out about all the people and potential people who are looking at their site and start to build a site as if to address every single variation on their service possible. I really feel bad when this is the path somebody goes down. It frequently shuts down the whole process. You have to be what you are. Myth – I have to provide services for everybody. You do not have to be the Walmart of your industry. You may have different audiences that come to you for different reason but it should be finite and easy to explain. If it isn't chance are you are trying too hard to fit too much in one website.
  3. What would convince me to use me. You really think a spin globe is cool and just know you need one on your site. Well that very well may be. Do what you need to convince you to work with yourself. A website that through design and content explains your unique benefit is far better then any special effect you have seen someplace. Unless your audience is 14 year old boys. Then go crazy! Myth – my website has to wow people. Wow is so the wrong word. Your website has to inform, convince, education, translate, emphasis, convert. Those things will help you. Do not misunderstand; you may have to do some wowing to do that, but a lot more direction and explaining will help.

Einstein’s Eyes has been building successful websites for over 14 years. If you need help build a website don't hesitate to contact us or call 972-997-8200.

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