A lot has been made about online marketing and services. A full scale online campaign can be daunting and expensive. But it is important to start somewhere. Just like that original website you put up that was just a place holder, it is important to just start the process. These tips are not meant to be expensive or costly but the start of a habit. Just like you can't run that marathon right off. You cannot expect hyper engagement right off.

  1. Set up your social media accounts. Depending on your business you may be interested in several different accounts, but I would start with looking at Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Google plus. All of these pages are relatively easy to set up. A little extra time or money can be spent on customizing the pages so they better reflect your brand. Set up the ones you think are right or have an expert do it for you, but don't kill yourself trying to get in ever network possible. You can always grow your network later.
  2. Next on the list is that you have to develop the habit of developing content. Are you ready to throw down your mouse yet? Well don't. Content has to be useful, interesting, education, or important. But as a starting point it does not have to be original. A comment on somebody else article or an observation of a trend are just as valid engagement as a complex research project. So don't over think it. Just like the marathon training. You don't have to do it all today. Just start small.
  3. Set up your analytics. If you don't already have Google Analytics or something similar set up on your website do it. You might not even look at this for years but it is incredible how much little movement a year becomes an obvious trend. Feedback is key.

This all assume you already have a few things at your disposal. A website which is developed enough to show your brand and accurate enough that you will keep for two years plus. Also some community, visitor who will want to connect with you. Next it assumes you have a way to add content to your website either via a blog or a CMS system. Either should work. Final Note: this is about building a habit. Which will lead to your goals. If you should want some help with developing your online strategy further don't hesitate to contact us at 972-997-8200 or sales@einsteinseyes.com

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In 1999, Joe founded Einstein’s Eyes, providing internet marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. The company’s services include website development, e-commerce, online marketing, and content development.

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