Is Social Media for B2B?

Is Social Media a Viable B2B Strategic Option? Considering all the “hubbub” over social media in the past few years, why aren’t more business-to-business companies using social media to promote and expand their businesses? The fact is, many of them are – but many more still hesitate at the thought. As a full-service web design and development company serving Dallas business owners for more than 10 years, Einstein’s Eyes offers the following observations and general counsel:

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Top 5 mistakes businesses make on the web

Top 5 mistakesnew businesses make on the web by Craig Premo Einstein's Eyes loves to help new businesses succeed on the web. This makes sense, since our company was built by an entrepreneur. One benefit of being in business for 12 years is that we've seen a lot of businesses use the web, and can share best practices with our clients as a value-added service. Listed below are 5 mistakes that we've seen businesses make when they decide to launch a new site. These apply to existing businesses that are redesigning their site as well as to start-ups.

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How strong is your web site?

We all know that the web experience has changed a great deal in the past ten years. Users are more sophisticated and expect to have their needs met. Competitors who may have inferior services can easily have a superior web site. Here are some of the major shifts - and what you can do to make sure your site measures up.

Old rule: The best designed sites dominate the market. New rule: A pretty site that isn't seen by anybody isn't worth a dime. Once upon a time, before Google was a verb, a good design was all you had to consider. But for years this has not been true. And a website that has great traffic and activity but is poorly designed is bound to be a disappointment. In the current business environment, a comprehensive web solution is critical.

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