Five Online Marketing Tips

Much has been made about online marketing. We have seen some online clients implemented amazing marketing. And since digital marketing is projected to get to the 80 billion dollars a year before the end of the decade, it is not going away anytime soon. So why not set up your own online marketing? A full scale online campaign can be daunting and expensive. But it does not have to be. These tips are meant to be a start.

  1. The first and most important tip we give clients is to know your Goals. Obviously everybody says generate more leads/sales/visitors. Specific goals tend to go further. What fits your business better, 1,000 leads/month or 25 leads/month.

  2. Update your website, analytics, marketing, blog, facebook, google account, etc to help measure these goals. Non measurable goals are no better than day dreams. Set up the system, drive the experts, and get this right.

  3. Promote the winners, discard the losers. If a new blog post gets you 100 visits and a new facebook post gets you 1,000 visits and 20 sales. Know that all things being equal a facebook post is more important.

  4. Don't be afraid to experiment. Marketing rarely stands still. You have to find ways to try new campaign variations or types. Be aware of the set it and forget it mentality. You should always be working for improvement.

  5. Lastly, reset your goals. Frequently you exceed your original goals or you find different avenues for success. Sometimes the success online surprises even experienced professionals like us. So don't be afraid to revise and revisit.

Note: This assumes you already have a website that is aligned with your needs and is up-to-date. If you should want some help doing amazing marketing don't hesitate to contact us at 800-985-1006 or

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Enhanced Campaigns: Google's Next Big Move

In February, the Google giant released news of enhanced campaigns—a newer, better, easier way of advertising across the technological dimensions. Before, to show ads through mobile devices, tablets, or desktops, you would need to set up different campaigns to efficiently optimize Google Adwords. Now, after the implementation of enhanced campaigns, you can reach potential customers with the right ads based on their location, time of day, device type, and other contextual factors. This is all done without the cluttering of multiple campaigns. For example, before, a pizza company would need a separate ad campaign for people on desktops—these ads will link them to the ordering online landing page—and a separate campaign for people on smart-phones—these ads will have a call-to-order option extension with the mobile ads. After, however, with one single campaign, you can set reach out to people at home and on the go with the correct ads, site link, apps, or extensions.

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SEO Friendly URLS in CodeIgniter 2.0 + HMVC

Many of you SEO fanatics may have realized that CodeIgniter is not very SEO-friendly out of the box. It auto generates URLs based on routes which are made up of a controller name and method name. For URLs to be considered SEO-friendly and be universally recognized by search engines, keywords must be separated by a dash. Many of you are thinking you will just go rename your controllers and methods with dashes. That would be nice and easy, but this is not a legal syntax and PHP will throw errors. There is the option to manually enter each route in your routes.php file, but this could be a serious beat down and come back to haunt you later on down the road.

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Before Search Engine Optimization Can Start

There is a lot of talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and there is an expectation that every website will be searchable by Google right away. I have heard SEO described as mysterious or voodoo-like. The simple truth is that before an SEO project can start, your web site has to be developed in a manner that is Search Engine Friendly (ready for SEO). There is no mystery or voodoo involved - as a matter of fact, Google tells you exactly what is needed for a Search Engine Friendly site and it is a good standard coding practice.

From Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, here are the six most important items that are required for your website to be built as Search Engine Friendly:

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Search Engine Truths

Frequently people will ask us how they can improve their website rankings in search engines. Over the past four years, we have developed the following list of suggestions.

  • Use unique and meaningful title information on every page. When title information is repetitive, the search engine assumes that the pages are too. The same is true for meta description.
  • Include your listing on relevant online directories such as Yellow Pages, Yahoo, Yelp, local service directories or professional groups.
  • Remove technology like frames and excessive graphics, especially if they include text. Text should stand on its own as HTML. Otherwise, it is guaranteed not be seen by search engines.
  • Keep a good balance between text and graphics. Search engines will ignore your graphics and focus on your text, but actual visitors will respond to both.
  • Keep your message accurate and current. More frequently updated sites tend to be indexed more. More usable updates satisfy visitors. Look at ways to add to your content. Blogs or regular site updates can be helpful.
  • Look for online communities to participate in. Freely exchanging information and providing expertise about your field will always increase success.
  • Monitor visitor activity and trends. Review activity and change your website to produce the desired results.

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