Search Engine Truths

Frequently people will ask us how they can improve their website rankings in search engines. Over the past four years, we have developed the following list of suggestions.

  • Use unique and meaningful title information on every page. When title information is repetitive, the search engine assumes that the pages are too. The same is true for meta description.
  • Include your listing on relevant online directories such as Yellow Pages, Yahoo, Yelp, local service directories or professional groups.
  • Remove technology like frames and excessive graphics, especially if they include text. Text should stand on its own as HTML. Otherwise, it is guaranteed not be seen by search engines.
  • Keep a good balance between text and graphics. Search engines will ignore your graphics and focus on your text, but actual visitors will respond to both.
  • Keep your message accurate and current. More frequently updated sites tend to be indexed more. More usable updates satisfy visitors. Look at ways to add to your content. Blogs or regular site updates can be helpful.
  • Look for online communities to participate in. Freely exchanging information and providing expertise about your field will always increase success.
  • Monitor visitor activity and trends. Review activity and change your website to produce the desired results.

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