Enhanced Campaigns: Google's Next Big Move

In February, the Google giant released news of enhanced campaigns—a newer, better, easier way of advertising across the technological dimensions. Before, to show ads through mobile devices, tablets, or desktops, you would need to set up different campaigns to efficiently optimize Google Adwords. Now, after the implementation of enhanced campaigns, you can reach potential customers with the right ads based on their location, time of day, device type, and other contextual factors. This is all done without the cluttering of multiple campaigns. For example, before, a pizza company would need a separate ad campaign for people on desktops—these ads will link them to the ordering online landing page—and a separate campaign for people on smart-phones—these ads will have a call-to-order option extension with the mobile ads. After, however, with one single campaign, you can set reach out to people at home and on the go with the correct ads, site link, apps, or extensions.

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Welcome to the Einstein's Eyes Blog

Welcome to the Einstein's Eyes Blog (Blogstein's Eyes)!

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New articles will be starting on Friday, March 12th, 2010!

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