My Head's in the Cloud

If you happen to follow the Einstein's Eyes twitter ( or are a fan of our Facebook page (, then you may have seen a few recent articles posted that discuss cloud computing. This is an area that fascinates me - I am personally convinced that cloud computing is the current “next big thing” in our industry. Before my time, companies used a mainframe and terminal setup – employees had access to terminals that they could log into and use the mainframe's resources to run their programs or look up their information. More recently, scientists have been uploading their programs to supercomputers and reserving time slots for them to actually run their programs. For both of these situations, the involved tasks are hugely complex (for the time period) and thus running them on a personal computer would either be too expensive or take far too long. The ability to utilize one extremely powerful machine for these problems was a great solution – and cloud computing is the new development in this area.

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