Snow Day

Well it has happen again. The inclement weather has more or less shut down the city. You are seeing facebook post of snowy homes and kids in ridiculous states of glee. Everybody loves a snow day. A total excuse to not worry about work, school, chores, etc. But the reality is for a small business owners is very much different. Worry does not take a snow day. Our business like many others depends heavily on production. If we don't produce consistently we don't get paid. All our expense are more or less fixed. The only opportunity to make money depends on our ability to get websites out and get customers in. Of course, nobody at work leads to no decisions made, no projects moving forwards, and nobody buying websites. Yet, there is still a really great upside to snow days. All small business owners crave a little quiet. A slice of time to plan. The days are so busy deciding about all the many nuances of the business. A period even a day or a morning where employees don't need anything, no customer questions, no leads to chase is a god sent. It strange. The quietness can feel surreal. So still compare to your normal day; It is almost an outer body experience. And if you are luck and start to relax you can start to do something rare indeed. You begin to contemplate strategy. You might even start to look at your business from afar and begin to plan. You might see a way to navigate some of the obstacles and move the operation forward. This can be a great day indeed. A productive day! I call these my Strategizing Navigating Operations and Work days. My SNOW days. Hope everybody has a great SNOW day!

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