SEO – Search Engine Optimization or simply “get me on the first page of Google” is the most misunderstood of marketing techniques. Here are some common misconceptions we run into everyday:

  1. Fix your site and build it right and you are done. That is rarely the case. A site is just the beginning. Sure you could be found for some keywords, but it will be short lived. We always advise client for continued success you have to develop a campaign.
  2. SEO work is all about being really good at one thing that will make it all work. The reality is SEO is about dozens of things getting done. Then they must be measured, analyzed, and repeated.
  3. “I need to be number one in very very competitive keyword. That is all!” The reality is for SEO to succeed you want to have scores of keywords that appear on page one and two of search engine results. A single keyword campaign has a lot of risk and most likely will be difficult to implement.
  4. Content is king – Okay, this one is mostly true but just adding the Encyclopedia Britannica to your website will not put you on the top of the search engines. It has to be a lot more selective and a lot more directed towards your keywords and expertise. Also always always remember is has to be original and relevant.
  5. SEO work is just a matter of technicians making some small adjustments and takes very little work. The reality is SEO work is among the most time intensive work in the web world. Lot and lots of little things have to be done to make it work. In our experience, success from small tweaks are short lived.
  6. SEO work can be done with an in house admin or marketing coordinator. Being in the business for fifteen plus years and worked with hundreds of companies we have only seen one case where an in house person took care of search engine optimization with any success. You would need a more developed expertise and likely a marketing department to handle SEO.
  7. Google must be contact directly and paid directly for SEO. We still get people asking for us to just put them in touch with Google and they will work with them directly. After explaining to them that is not how Google works and if they don't want to use pay per click, we instruct them they'll have to Google Google's phone number.

As with all marketing efforts it is important to engage a professional who can walk you through the process and help support your marketing objectives moving forward. Click for our Online Marketing or call us immediately at 972-997-8200.

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