Our review of the top ten results of the most competitive keywords has given us a lot of meaningful insight into how to build a web page properly and what not to worry about. But there are a lot of factors a lot to digest. Most people are curious. What did all the highly competitive websites have in common.

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It came as no surprised to us, that the most common and unique things about this highly ranked pages with these very competitive keywords were inbound links. This factor was very prominent. On a typical page we work on we see maybe a hundred inbound links if a site is very active and has been promoted well for years. That would be at the top range of our typical clients. The more likely number is less then twenty. Now compare this to the highly competitive pages we researched. Ninety one percent had over 1,000 links. The sites that rank well below that threshold were very specialized. The average number of links was in the 100 million range. Most sites, 89%, had over 100,000 links. You might be noting to yourself. Wait ..... [Insert Expert Here] said to clean up the site, make titles unique, and submit my sites was most important. Here is the frustrating truth about it. It really probably isn't the most important thing. But it is the most impactful thing you can do with almost no budget. You have to imagine, if everybody took that same advice across all the web universe. Everybody’s titles are correct, up to date content, and all sites have been submitted to the search engine. Google has no way to distinguish one site from another. So Google's algorithm would be totally ineffective. Google instead relies more heavily on what it equates as peer review. So in other words. If your site is referenced by lots of other site, well then you must be a good site. So the gist is the more popular you are the more you must be useful, good, authoritative, etc. So what that expert told you is helpful. Maybe not the most helpful, but helpful nonetheless. If you want to have a real impact on your website ranking you will have to go to a more in depth analysis and online marketing plan which has a cost that may not be appropriate. If wish to get some help with your SEO please don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@einsteinseyes.com or 972-997-8200. If you want to be sure to get our latest search engine research contact us.

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