Power of the Internet

When the Internet was invented in the 1980s, no one expected it to boom into a cultural phenomenon. Since its inception, many great and terrible things had been accomplished through the use or help of the Internet. With its far-reaching power, the Internet has been used in incredibly creative ways: marketing, raising social awareness, crowd-sourcing, and creating revolutions.

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Getting More Out of Your PPC Advertising

Most marketing people know, the main element in any Internet marketing strategy is a good website. But what good is your website if nobody visits it? How do you build traffic to your website? How do you get more people to click on your website pages? One sure way is to engage in some level of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Simply put, PPC advertising (or, cost-per-click, as some call it) uses online “banner” ads to entice web surfers to click on the ad, which then takes them to the advertiser’s website. So, as a PPC advertiser, you’re not paying for “position,” you’re paying for “clicks.”

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What It Takes To Build A Profitable Ecommerce Website

In theory, it’s quite simple. Make more money. That’s the goal of any ecommerce website. In practice, however, it’s one of the more difficult endeavors in website development, and therefore not recommended for the weekend, do-it-yourself website designer. Even professional designers can find themselves in the proverbial deep rough before too long, as the considerations involved in building an effective ecommerce website are both myriad and multilayered. For starters, any successful ecommerce web design must first answer a number of business-related questions. What is your product purchasing process? Are you selling physical properties? Or is your product downloadable? Is it customized? Will it require a quote prior to approval? Or is it a straight purchase? What are your price points? Are discounts offered? What about promotional codes? Can the product be purchased using a credit card or PayPal account? Or will it require loan approval? On the back end, what are your bank requirements? Will you be integrating with QuickBooks-type software or a custom enterprise system? What are the tax, shipping and handling implications? Just getting the process nailed down can be difficult enough.

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WordPress' Worry

WordPress had been having some troubles with hackers recently because of a minor vulnerability in their security. This loophole allowed attackers access to WordPress blogs, database information, and password hashes. At Einstein's Eyes, our hosting clients also encountered this problem; we have troubleshot the issue to the vulnerability in WordPress' systems. Several other users also noticed the break security and WordPress has now resolved the issue in the new version, WordPress 3.5.1. If you still have problems with your account, however, please contact us at Einstein's Eyes and we'll work to resolve your issue.

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Enhanced Campaigns: Google's Next Big Move

In February, the Google giant released news of enhanced campaigns—a newer, better, easier way of advertising across the technological dimensions. Before, to show ads through mobile devices, tablets, or desktops, you would need to set up different campaigns to efficiently optimize Google Adwords. Now, after the implementation of enhanced campaigns, you can reach potential customers with the right ads based on their location, time of day, device type, and other contextual factors. This is all done without the cluttering of multiple campaigns. For example, before, a pizza company would need a separate ad campaign for people on desktops—these ads will link them to the ordering online landing page—and a separate campaign for people on smart-phones—these ads will have a call-to-order option extension with the mobile ads. After, however, with one single campaign, you can set reach out to people at home and on the go with the correct ads, site link, apps, or extensions.

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