How Much Does a Website Cost?

Being in the web world for 15 years I get this question frequently. The ideas is that in cyberspace there is a vending machine. You put your money in pull a lever and out pops a website. But that not really how it works. My answer, it depends. I explain it like a car. Do you want a small little economical car that gets you to and from work or do you want something more luxurious? Website are custom solutions. Meaning each one is uniquely created for your business. With these type of solution it always boils down to time. We'll how much time does it take? Look at a relatively simple example – little interactivity and no e-commerce. Here is what you need to succeed:

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The Importance of Bounce Rate

A great landing page is one that can keep the visitors' interest and at the same time, encourage them to create more interactions. But how would you know if your landing page is efficient? By looking at the bounce rate. As defined by Google Adword, the bounce rate is “the percentage of visits that go only one page before exiting a site.” Simply put, it is the ratio of visitors who landed on the page but leave without any further interaction. This rate measures the relevancy of your landing page to what your visitors are searching for.

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Learning Management Systems (LMS): A Special Breed of Website

Well into the world of Web 2.0, most of us can claim an experience along the way that took us through a Learning Management System (LMS), a software application used to administer, track and maintain e-learning education and training programs. You typically register with the site, then sign up for online courses usually managed over the web without the intervention of live instructors. More and more colleges, universities and large corporations are using LMS websites to manage student and workforce class registration and payment, multi-media content presentation, test-taking, records-keeping and to monitor participation and performance. In fact, our data shows that the LMS industry has grown to over $1 billion, with 84% of LMS users representing businesses serving five to 100 employees.

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