Richardson Chamber of Commerce 58th Annual Meeting

Richardson Chamber of Commerce had its 58th Annual Meeting. Among the highlights were the the keynote speaker Michael Tipsord, State Farm COO, who discussed State Farm's new expansion into Richardson. As part of the event, Dr. David Daniels, President of UT Dallas in Richardson was recognized as the 2014 Citizen of the Year. The Chamber also recognized its volunteers of the year, including Katie Patterson, Heather Lozano, Ginger Tonne, Martin Molloy, Alix Foster, Stan Bradshaw, Small Business Signarama’s Brian Head, and Kirk Wilson.

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SEO Review: One Big Thing

Our review of the top ten results of the most competitive keywords has given us a lot of meaningful insight into how to build a web page properly and what not to worry about. But there are a lot of factors a lot to digest. Most people are curious. What did all the highly competitive websites have in common.

It came as no surprised to us, that the most common and unique things about this highly ranked pages with these very competitive keywords were inbound links. This factor was very prominent. On a typical page we work on we see maybe a hundred inbound links if a site is very active and has been promoted well for years. That would be at the top range of our typical clients. The more likely number is less then twenty. Now compare this to the highly competitive pages we researched. Ninety one percent had over 1,000 links. The sites that rank well below that threshold were very specialized. The average number of links was in the 100 million range. Most sites, 89%, had over 100,000 links.

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Snow Day and the Small Business Owner

Well it has happen again. The inclement weather has more or less shut down the city. You are seeing facebook post of snowy homes and kids in ridiculous states of glee. Everybody loves a snow day. A total excuse to not worry about work, school, chores, etc. But the reality is for a small business owners is very much different. Worry does not take a snow day. Our business like many others depends heavily on production. If we don't produce consistently we don't get paid. All our expense are more or less fixed. The only opportunity to make money depends on our ability to get websites out and get customers in. Of course, nobody at work leads to no decisions made, no projects moving forwards, and nobody buying websites.

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Three simple steps for your new year's online marketing

A lot has been made about online marketing and services. A full scale online campaign can be daunting and expensive. But it is important to start somewhere. Just like that original website you put up that was just a place holder, it is important to just start the process. These tips are not meant to be expensive or costly but the start of a habit. Just like you can't run that marathon right off. You cannot expect hyper engagement right off.

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SEO 1,000 Little Things

You have probably noticed by now we like to keep a good eye on search engines and what is important. There are thousands of little things that come and go.  Some of these things make absolute no or very little difference to your site or your potential listing appearance.   But frequently a guru will swear it is the most important thing in the world.   In no particular order here are a list of those things that are small but maybe have been sold as very important.

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