My Head's in the Cloud

If you happen to follow the Einstein's Eyes twitter ( or are a fan of our Facebook page (, then you may have seen a few recent articles posted that discuss cloud computing. This is an area that fascinates me - I am personally convinced that cloud computing is the current “next big thing” in our industry. Before my time, companies used a mainframe and terminal setup – employees had access to terminals that they could log into and use the mainframe's resources to run their programs or look up their information. More recently, scientists have been uploading their programs to supercomputers and reserving time slots for them to actually run their programs. For both of these situations, the involved tasks are hugely complex (for the time period) and thus running them on a personal computer would either be too expensive or take far too long. The ability to utilize one extremely powerful machine for these problems was a great solution – and cloud computing is the new development in this area.

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The US's Internet Kill Switch

Not too long ago there was a bit of buzz around a bill in Congress that would grant the office of the President the ability to shut off all or parts of the internet in the US. When put on camera to talk about the bill, our Vice President Lieberman made what I feel is a big mistake – he reached in his pocket to find an example of another country that takes this kind of control over the internet and pulled out... China. Now, I am not part of the camp that points to President Obama and screams “Communism!” but this comparison is one that Lieberman should have reconsidered! What a blunder, coming from an adminstration that is under fire for the socialist-leaning policies that it is implementing and simultaneously defending them as being a necessary part of preserving our republic!

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Before Search Engine Optimization Can Start

There is a lot of talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and there is an expectation that every website will be searchable by Google right away. I have heard SEO described as mysterious or voodoo-like. The simple truth is that before an SEO project can start, your web site has to be developed in a manner that is Search Engine Friendly (ready for SEO). There is no mystery or voodoo involved - as a matter of fact, Google tells you exactly what is needed for a Search Engine Friendly site and it is a good standard coding practice.

From Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, here are the six most important items that are required for your website to be built as Search Engine Friendly:

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