At Einstein's Eyes we continually research and analysis Google search engine activity for the benefit of our clients .Our SEO research previously shed light on the exact relevancy of title tags on site HTML development. We next reviewed, headline, meta description, and meta keywords. We compared these to the standard of titles below.

  1st Word With in text In Multiple Time Not In
Title 30% 83% 23% 17%
Headline 28% 53% 4% 47%
Meta Description 9% 57% 33% 43%
Meta Keywords 27% 62% 19% 38%

Title lead all four categories in being most frequently the 1st word and most likely to be in text. Headlines, H1 tags, were barely in there more then a coin flip. But key words did appear 1st a very strong percentage of the time. This strongly correlates to when it is first in the title of the same site. Also headlines, H1 tags, rarely have multiple appearance of the same keyword. This rings true because headlines are visible by the visitors and would make for a poor experience - “free software here, free software there.” Meta Description best used to convert prospective clicks also only contains the keyword about 50% of the time. The meta descriptions don't have as much weight as Title but still play a vital role in converting people who look at the search engine results. The meta description is the bit of text user see below the title in search engine results. Meta Keywords are a bit of surprise here. I suspect a lot of the results has more to do with legacy systems then they do with search engine weight but still worth noting. Meta Keywords contained keywords with more frequency then either headlines or meta description. They also appear with a relatively high frequency as first keywords. We did note in our research that meta keywords tend to have a lot more length then other entries. Therefore, there was much more room to stuff keywords into the text. Now you may notice from the table above that very frequently keywords don't appear at all in any of the four entries. This is true, but it is very infrequent that that happens for all four on the same site. It happened five times in our study and all the times it happened it was associated with a really strong brand Travelocity, CNET, etc. Additionally, the page was usually was a specific nested page. Next articles we will look at url, blog, google publisher. If wish to get some help with your SEO please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 972-997-8200. If you want to be sure to get our latest search engine research then contact us.

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