Being in the web world for 15 years I get this question frequently. The ideas is that in cyberspace there is a vending machine. You put your money in pull a lever and out pops a website. But that not really how it works. My answer, it depends. I explain it like a car. Do you want a small little economical car that gets you to and from work or do you want something more luxurious? Website are custom solutions. Meaning each one is uniquely created for your business. With these type of solution it always boils down to time. We'll how much time does it take? Look at a relatively simple example – little interactivity and no e-commerce. Here is what you need to succeed:

  • Initial meet and review design needs
  • Create a couple of design concepts
  • Refine designs to a final concept
  • Prototype the design
  • Review site usage
  • Enter the remaining content
  • Test for cross browser capability
  • Test for mobile use
  • Site launch

Something like that is going to take between 35 - 55 hours. These hours will be spread across several different disciplines including design, development, project management, and system administration. Depending on your market the rates are from $75 - $125 an hour. Roughly you end up in a range of $3500 - $4500. This might be enough information for you. But you may have some follow up questions. Can't we just outsources this to India? I get this a lot and we'll truthfully you can't. If we thought there was some clever way to do that, we would. The reality is a project this small requires a disproportionate amount of over sight on your behalf. You need somebody with a lot of technical expertise and real attention to design detail to review the work for quality. This is especially important when the work is done 12 timezones away with language barriers and cultural differences thrown in. That 'oversight' and fixing all the many revision and corrections negates any cost saving you would garner from the cheaper labor. Can't I just pick a template? Well yes, you can pick a template. It sounds like a capital idea and this unlike the outsourcing might work if you actually don't care what your website looks like. Once you start changing a template- putting in logos, changing colors, etc – all bets are off . With our the right expertise, you are in for a mess. Of course, you still have to pay to get somebody to actually build pages that all connect together and work. Also, all templates are not created equally. Some maybe be specialized or some may be too old to work properly. The template might not perform well with search engines or might break on phones or tablets. Chances are you end up with a lot more headache and spending similar amounts. This does answer the questions for a great many people. Naturally your needs are unique and your questions are unique too. Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions or website needs – 972-997-8200.

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