Television may still be considered the first screen in many people’s lives, with desktop computers ranked second and mobile smartphones lagging in third. But, in many cases, the mobile phone is quickly charging into the lead. In Japan, 96% of the population is equipped for mobile Internet activity, according a recent Morgan Stanley report detailing the “State of the Internet.” The average iPhone is used 45% of the time for voice functions, while the remaining 55% of activity centers on data. This is pushing carrier networks to increase data bandwidth, as the demand for mobile data spirals. In fact, Morgan Stanley’s report estimates that mobile data traffic will increase almost 4,000% by 2014. That’s just around the corner, folks. As mobile technology continues to mature, new data applications are redefining the boundaries of privacy and convenience.

  • Subliminal digital signals embedded in television shows are now being used to connect to mobile devices, allowing advertisers to push relevant content to a viewer’s smart phone during specific TV programs.
  • Geo-tagging technology is providing accurate location data to local advertisers wishing to send timely coupon information to mobile users in the immediate vicinity (i.e., pizza + dinner time + current location = coupon on smart phone).
  • Social networks, such as “Highlight,” are now using passive location tracking to alert mobile phone users of “friends” identified in nearby locations. If both devices are on and permission has been granted, a connection is made.

Of course, many of these applications are still in the infancy stages, but the sheer Orwellian nature of them is enough to make you sit up and take note. As a Dallas-based web design, hosting and interactive marketing consulting firm, Einstein’s Eyes has been monitoring the evolution of mobile Internet marketing for many of our clients. And, we can help you sort through the options to arrive at a mobile solution that works best for you. Is your website mobility friendly? Will your online images and information load quickly on a smartphone? How can you use mobile applications to help you connect with customers and build your business? How can you integrate the latest mobile technology with you Internet marketing campaign to achieve greater results? Talk to us about mobile marketing the next time we meet, or email to discuss your mobile marketing plans today. There may be more business at your fingertips than you can imagine. Let Einstein’s Eyes dial you in.

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