Although, we love online marketing. We do recognize their are some problems from time to time. If you have any of these with your marketing, they really ought to be addressed.

First the neglected platform. This happens frequently with customers. They are super enthusiastic about their blog, Facebook, or newsletter and use the heck out of it. But then real life starts to settle in and needs change. You total forgot about – the blog, social media engagement, etc. You might not even have the login anymore. The solution to this problem is fairly difficult. Typically you can focus on internal responsibilities and systems. This might be impossible if you don’t have any marketing support internally. You can’t really expect somebody whose responsibility are sales or operations to stop what they are doing and write an article or drive the marketing process. So the solution if you have an internal point person is make them responsible. If you don’t you might want to engage an external editor or writer. All these tools can work and really thrive if done consistently. I can never recall an instance where a barrage and then neglected marketing technique had any benefit. It just waste your precious marketing time.

The next problem we often see is the super focused ranking of keywords. We get it. It is awesome when “super duper widget” search brings up your site first. But the reality is the metric is misleading. Due to the changes in Google’s search the next town over or across the street, might have significantly different keywords results then what you see. So often attempts like this blind you to the broader traffic needs. If you are judging SEO services on the basis of ranking, it is usually misleading. This one is relatively easy to fix. Get in touch with your analytics. Look for the activity of visitors. Where do they come from and do they convert? Also, throw in to the solution a definition of conversion. The more conversion the better.

The last problem we see, is a compatibility issue. Device usability break down. Put simply my site does not work on the new __________. Whether that is the new iPad, Android Phone, Tablet, Galaxy, etc. The issue is some part of your website does not work with a new technology. The solution to this is building sites that are responsive. This should help mitigate these circumstances mostly. The only option once you start having these problems is to fix it piece meal or redo the entire site. Redoing the entire site can be painful, but if you site is over three years old, it is probably worth the investment.

Although online marketing can be a very effect way to promote your business and build up sales and marketing activity. You do have to be careful as to not spin your wheels on any of these common problems. If you have any of these problems or are just looking for better online marketing don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 972-997-8200 or

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