Seven Deadly Sins of Keyword Selection

The word typed in to find information on a search engine is called a “keyword.” Keyword selection is the process of selecting the right ones for your campaign. With fifteen years in business and scores of online marketing clients we have been exposed to our fair share of keyword sins. Here are some of the most common mistakes we see.

Sin #1: Failing to grasp what searchers are actually looking for. Frequently, terms used internally have no bearing on what people search for. Be careful of abbreviate terms and company nomenclature. It is best to mine the front end, those who talk directly with the customer. That makes it easier to avoid this mistake. What do customers ask for? What benefit appeals to them?

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SEO Lie #1

At Einstein's Eyes we consult and manage SEO for many clients. We are as informed as anybody on the subject but we decided to take it one step further. Beginning the Summer of 2014 we researched exactly what does it take to get to the top of the search engines. We started at the very top. We researched what sites are on the first page in the ten most competitive keywords. The keywords in the experiment were free, travel, software, flights, hotel, cars, click, book, blog, computer. These keywords are responsible for upwards of twenty million searches a month and have KEI scores in the thousands.

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Many Versions of Mobile

With new better mobile devices and increased access to bandwidth, mobile traffic has steadily been rising. Mobile traffic is more then 20% of web traffic at the beginning of 2014. This number is predicted to continue to climb for quite sometime. So as a website owner you have a very difficult questions to answer, what does it mean to me. Of course, that depends. The more consumer driven your services the higher the amount of mobile browsers you are likely to get. For example, we have clients that get as little as 5% of their traffic from mobile devices and some that get as much as 35% from mobile devices.Regardless you will have to do something eventually either way.

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