What It Takes To Build A Profitable Ecommerce Website

In theory, it’s quite simple. Make more money. That’s the goal of any ecommerce website. In practice, however, it’s one of the more difficult endeavors in website development, and therefore not recommended for the weekend, do-it-yourself website designer. Even professional designers can find themselves in the proverbial deep rough before too long, as the considerations involved in building an effective ecommerce website are both myriad and multilayered. For starters, any successful ecommerce web design must first answer a number of business-related questions. What is your product purchasing process? Are you selling physical properties? Or is your product downloadable? Is it customized? Will it require a quote prior to approval? Or is it a straight purchase? What are your price points? Are discounts offered? What about promotional codes? Can the product be purchased using a credit card or PayPal account? Or will it require loan approval? On the back end, what are your bank requirements? Will you be integrating with QuickBooks-type software or a custom enterprise system? What are the tax, shipping and handling implications? Just getting the process nailed down can be difficult enough.

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