Quality Score Deserves a Look

At Einstein's Eyes, we spend an inordinate amount of time concentrating on making online marketing campaigns succeed. We all want campaigns that drive countless visitors who convert into prospects and customers. Because of our relationship with Google we often interact with their Account Strategist. The other day, I heard an interesting quote from one of them:

“The most important metric is Quality Score.”

Quality Score is the metric Google uses to diagnose keyword performance on the search page. Quality score is a number 1-10. The score is derived from these factors:

  1. Landing Page Quality
  2. Ad Text – Relevance and Enhancement
  3. Expected Click Through Rate


How to influence those factors is a bit too technical to cover in this article, but it is something our staff works to improve everyday. Back to why it is so important. Let's look at a specific example in the Google Advertising world. When you bid in the online world your success dictates where you rank on the page. This process is highly dependent on Quality Score. Simply:

This is not necessarily obvious upfront.  Even seasoned marketers miss this. Every opportunity, every bid is effected by quality score. Let me illustrate with a real life example. After some work on the campaign of 'Client Zeta', we realized that a key word phrase 'super key word phrase' had a Quality Score of 3. That Quality Score was detrimental to the effectiveness of the campaign. After some simple modification, the Quality Score was raised to 5. Not a great score but usable. This improved the account tremendously. The best way to see the results is the cost per click.

Initial Cost
Per Click
Updated Cost
Per Click



Each click was now $20 less in the exact same position. The same amount of traffic. Just that change alone will save potentially thousands of dollars per quarter. And that frees up budget for the client.

To sum up, Quality Score can ensure success for an ongoing campaign. There is a small caveat. Sometimes we see clients obsessed with Quality Score. A great score does not mean that a keyword is a great fit for your campaign. Occasionally, for some reason that only Google knows, a keyword ranks wonderfully, but does not have any value for your campaign goals. So whether you are going alone or have somebody managing a campaign for you, Quality Score deserves a look.

If you need additional help or support with your online marketing, don't hesitate to reach out to us at 972-997-8200 or sales@einsteinseyes.com

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Snow Day and the Small Business Owner

Well it has happen again. The inclement weather has more or less shut down the city. You are seeing facebook post of snowy homes and kids in ridiculous states of glee. Everybody loves a snow day. A total excuse to not worry about work, school, chores, etc. But the reality is for a small business owners is very much different. Worry does not take a snow day. Our business like many others depends heavily on production. If we don't produce consistently we don't get paid. All our expense are more or less fixed. The only opportunity to make money depends on our ability to get websites out and get customers in. Of course, nobody at work leads to no decisions made, no projects moving forwards, and nobody buying websites.

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Richardson Economic Development EDGE Awards

Over the past 30 years the Richardson Chamber of Commerce has honored business with a annual luncheon and reception.  This year Richardson businesses and organizations were recognized with eight award following categories: Commercial Real Estate Project, Community Service, Environmental, International, Newcomer, Public/Non-Profit/Education, Entrepreneurship, and Richardson Loyalty.

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SEO Lie #1

At Einstein's Eyes we consult and manage SEO for many clients. We are as informed as anybody on the subject but we decided to take it one step further. Beginning the Summer of 2014 we researched exactly what does it take to get to the top of the search engines. We started at the very top. We researched what sites are on the first page in the ten most competitive keywords. The keywords in the experiment were free, travel, software, flights, hotel, cars, click, book, blog, computer. These keywords are responsible for upwards of twenty million searches a month and have KEI scores in the thousands.

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