Common Online Marketing Problems

Although, we love online marketing. We do recognize their are some problems from time to time. If you have any of these with your marketing, they really ought to be addressed.

First the neglected platform. This happens frequently with customers. They are super enthusiastic about their blog, Facebook, or newsletter and use the heck out of it. But then real life starts to settle in and needs change. You total forgot about – the blog, social media engagement, etc. You might not even have the login anymore. The solution to this problem is fairly difficult. Typically you can focus on internal responsibilities and systems. This might be impossible if you don’t have any marketing support internally. You can’t really expect somebody whose responsibility are sales or operations to stop what they are doing and write an article or drive the marketing process. So the solution if you have an internal point person is make them responsible. If you don’t you might want to engage an external editor or writer. All these tools can work and really thrive if done consistently. I can never recall an instance where a barrage and then neglected marketing technique had any benefit. It just waste your precious marketing time.

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Why Online Adwords Management?

Many of you readers may have experience with Google Adwords. You may have endeavored to even start an Adwords campaign on your own which is very alluring. Since with just a little keyword adding, ad pasting, and a Google login, you will have yourself a fully functioning Adwords Campaign. There it is, your ad is appearing to hundreds maybe thousands of visitors a day. You get started and are excited. You check it every day. You update some options. You even find out from a neighborhood kid how to explore keyword matching options. You are doing pretty well, but for some reason it never turns into business. Your attention starts to be come less then enthusiastic. Your inattentiveness morphs into neglect. More often than not, these campaigns fail. It is a story we hear frequently. There are a lot of different reasons why these campaigns fail.

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SEO Review: One Big Thing

Our review of the top ten results of the most competitive keywords has given us a lot of meaningful insight into how to build a web page properly and what not to worry about. But there are a lot of factors a lot to digest. Most people are curious. What did all the highly competitive websites have in common.

It came as no surprised to us, that the most common and unique things about this highly ranked pages with these very competitive keywords were inbound links. This factor was very prominent. On a typical page we work on we see maybe a hundred inbound links if a site is very active and has been promoted well for years. That would be at the top range of our typical clients. The more likely number is less then twenty. Now compare this to the highly competitive pages we researched. Ninety one percent had over 1,000 links. The sites that rank well below that threshold were very specialized. The average number of links was in the 100 million range. Most sites, 89%, had over 100,000 links.

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5 Keys to Managing a Successful Website Project

At Einstein’s Eyes, we’ve helped hundreds of clients work through website projects, ranging from basic updates and rebrands, to start-up launches and total makeovers. In our experience, there are two ways to do the job: the expensive way and the smart way. First, the expensive way. This method typically involves no planning, no input, no thinking, false starts and lots and lots of revisions. You don’t want to go the expensive route. Trust us on this. The smart way to manage a website project is to build it virtually in advance; that is, design your project on paper, thoroughly lining up the resources and inputs you’ll need to complete the project quickly and efficiently once the clock starts ticking. This usually requires a little more introspection and internal time investment. But, the outcome will be a far more satisfying and less expensive. Here are the five key components we see as essential to ensuring a successful website project.

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