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"We didn't know we couldn't do it"

-- Personal computer pioneer Henry Edward Roberts (1941-2010) A moment if you will, to consider the legacy of Henry Edward Roberts, considered by many to be the father of the PC. Roberts was an electrical engineer who had built a business building and selling calculator kits. Larger firms such as Texas Instruments soon dominated the market, forcing Roberts to switch gears.

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Don't be a tease - give your users the content they want

It is tempting sometimes, to mistake your web site for a soapbox. But the best sites keep their users in mind - and give them what they expect to see. It is easy to identify what YOU think should be on a site, but take a moment and consider your target audience. If you get them to come to your site, you will have just a few seconds to convince them it is worth exploring (and that they want to do business with you). What kind of information do they need or expect in order to do make a decision or complete a transaction? Are you providing it?

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