In the beginning, there was Web 1.0, typified by static information presented on websites posted across the Internet. Then came Web 2.0, a more interactive, social experience, wherein people in communities could exchange ideas and conduct business. As web designers, application developers and Internet users collectively move toward “Web 3.0,” websites are becoming more intelligent, intuitive and ubiquitous. A website appropriately designed to take advantage of the latest technologies will offer you a host of business benefits – including these 10 commonly overlooked advantages:

  1. Competitive Differentiator: With all the bells and whistles available in modern website design, no two company websites are ever alike. A well-designed website will take advantage of this, presenting a unique branding experience that appeals to the type of clientele you desire for your business.
  2. Perceived Brand Value: Companies that have a well-designed, modern website are perceived as more reliable and trustworthy. Not only do potential customers sense it, potential investors do, as well. That can make big difference if you’re thinking about selling your business any time soon.
  3. Automates First Contact: By using contact forms, you can create uniform ways of collecting visitor information, leading to more efficient follow-up. You can also use the data collected to form other Internet strategies.
  4. Set Appointments and Qualify Leads: Website widgets can be added to assist in calendar management and appointment setting. For smaller companies, this convenience can also project an image of a much larger organization.
  5. Build Market Intelligence: Website analytics can be a valuable business planning tool, providing insights into many customer interaction characteristics, including geography, pricing, product preferences and more.
  6. Convenient Company Archive: By saving company blogs, news, site versions and other hosted content, your website can become a valuable storehouse of company information, easily accessible and secure.
  7. Cheapest Communications Tool: Compared to traditional marketing tactics, such as paid advertising and printed materials, your website is absolutely the lowest-cost communications tool in your marketing arsenal.
  8. Common Announcement Platform: As you announce company activities, events and offerings through your website, your Internet presence becomes a 24/7/365 beacon for everything happening in your organization.
  9. Easiest Point-of-Reference: Customers and prospects looking for you won’t go to a phone book or a card file to find you. They will Google your name. Your website is the most important point-of-reference for anyone seeking your company. It pays to have a website optimized for search purposes.
  10. Home Base for All Marketing: Every marketing piece you create should direct your audience to visit your website. Your website is your company’s main marketing anchor; it’s the most important part of your marketing program.

If you feel as though your company website is not taking advantage of some of the benefits a more forward-looking website might afford, talk to Einstein’s Eyes. Our web developers are always looking ahead to the next wave of Internet effectiveness. Let us help you get the most out of your Internet investment.

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